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Sports as an expression of fashion today - sportswear

Sport as physical activity represents an improvement for the human body. Nevertheless, over the last two centuries it has become an expression of fashion.
Now not only about being competitive and winning multiple competitions, but also highlight so it shows your wardrobe. Sportswear has become the preferred brands for advertising and athletes have acquired a sense of style and fashion trends according to marking the sporting world. For women who play sports, Fashion has always been an important issue because looking good
It has always been a complementary element to perform physical activity.
Use sportswear brand or interesting designs, flashy or attractive, it has become an essential aspect for women. Similarly, men as leading exponents of sports have become more involved in fashion and have even marked certain trends regarding colors and designs shorts, Tshirts, jackets and even shoes. Sportswear has become a very profitable market for brands as sponsors have become avant-garde artists and fashion. Sports fans use whatever your favorite sportsman shows and always seek to imitate when the budget to buy sportswear is not enough.

Trends, brands and sports

Competitiveness is one of the main features of sports. Nevertheless, the big sports brands have taken advantage of sportswear showing not only be sponsored attractive designs, but also garments made with special materials to enhance breathability and endure hours of hard movement.
However, They have been careful to create trends that remain within the competition without harming the brand and without creating controversy with athletes.
One of the features which has become so popular the use of sportswear outside the sporting environment, it is because the designs made by the big brands are designed to be worn on different occasions. Dresses and skirts for women can be used daily without breaking with the aesthetics of the occasion. Shirts and jackets worn by men can be part of everyday whether a casual activity is performed. On the other hand, companies have had to diversify the development of its products, because now they can not just concentrate solely on marketing a single article. Brands were engaged exclusively in the production of shoes have sought to expand the market by developing the rest of the
clothing for sports. Moreover, They have expanded globally through e-commerce, which it has encouraged more competition between them.
On the other hand, physical stores have incorporated new technologies for athletes feel a more interactive experience when entering into business with the brand. And not only is winning trophies, but to incorporate each of the possibilities offered by sports companies to fashion and sports world.